Kelsey Martin's Journey from Chatterkick Intern To C.O.O

As Chatterkick’s footprint grows on a national scale, Kelsey is hard working to make sure the team succeeds together. Guided by her innovative leadership, passion, and dedication, Chatterkick has been both locally recognized and nationally recognized as an ideal work environment. Her journey from Chatterkick’s first employee to C.O.O. has been fueled by her focus and willingness to elevate those she works alongside. 

“I’m extremely passionate about this business because I know first-hand the impact that it can have on both brand partners and team members. I’m driven to challenge the status quo to keep the momentum moving,” says Kelsey. Kelsey lives and breathes Chatterkick. Its accomplishments are her accomplishments. The workday schedule of 8 to 5 is but a suggestion.

Her strengths lie in turning Chatterkick’s trailblazing CEO Beth Trejo’s ideas into reality. “Beth has defied the odds and has advanced the role of women in the “tech” industry. My purpose is to figure out how to make her vision become a reality so that alongside her, we can create real change for our clients,” she says.

If Beth steers the boat, Kelsey powers it. This includes engineering the processes and resources to advance the team around her. She is most proud of the strategies she’s developed to provide value to Chatterkick's brand partners. This value includes: social media audits, paid advertising spend and developing key accounts. “I’m a total nerd and motivated by the gamification of digital while keeping my eye on the evidence. I enjoy developing strategies and resources from scratch, and I’ll never do it the same way twice, I constantly learn and refine.”

Kelsey is inspired by new ideas, methods, and opportunities, which comes as no surprise as her dedication to life-long learning lead her to partake in Effective Leadership Development at Revela.

“I had the pleasure to work with Kelsey as she explored her leadership style and identify the desired impact that she wants to have on the people around her. Through this process she was humble, compassionate and courageous. She was quick to reflect, identify what she wanted and nothing was going to stop her from getting started. During this time she also inspired those around her and helped others learn through her young lens,” Michelle Hill of Revela.

Kelsey Martin is a big supporter of higher education and her alma mater, Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. Even before Kelsey graduated in 2012, she took a hands-on role as the presidents of AIGA Morningside and the Advertising Club. That support continues today.

Kelsey is currently an alumni board member for Morningside College. As a board member, she fosters and maintains links between the alumni network, the college, current students and prospective students. As an alumnus and young business person, she mentors students and provides her perspective on navigating the digital landscape to acquire future positions.

“I met Kelsey three years ago through Chatterkick. Kelsey is innovative, and she is truly a valuable asset to any team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive problem-solver who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. I would say she thinks outside the box, except with Kelsey there is no box. She is open to every possibility and her creative thinking, paired with her abundant energy, spawns multiple solutions and positive outcomes. She is very thoughtful and thorough and always has the best interest of Morningside College and its students in mind. Her assertiveness and leadership lead to Kelsey being asked to serve on the Morningside College Alumni Board and the College/University Task Force. It is clear that Kelsey is inspired by challenges, has undeniable talent, and is willing to connect with alumni in meaningful ways to help propel Morningside forward,” says Kari Winklepleck, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Morningside College.

Kelsey also served on the board of directors for the Mid America Museum of Aviation & Transportation. Her role focused on marketing and event planning for the museum. “This experience gave me an opportunity to learn about donor acquisition, and recognition, along with maintaining traditional media strategies and partnerships with supporting organizations.”

One of the most significant issues Kelsey tries to combat is keeping recent college graduates in Sioux City. She tries to hire as many as she can or connect them to local businesses in town. “I want them to know what Beth and her friends are doing for the community. There are all these up-and-coming tech businesses that recent grads aren’t aware of yet,” she says.

“Kelsey was a star as an undergrad and continues to be a star in our community. She comes back to pass along wisdom every semester.  Students will often refer to 'what Kelsey said' as they think through their advertising projects and career paths here in Siouxland,” says Dr. Pamela Mickelson, Chair of Morningside College’s Department of Business Administration.
Kelsey Martin | C.O.O at Chatterkick

Kelsey Martin
Chief Operations Officer