Helping The Maids Find The People That Matter Most And Engaging With Them Along Their Path To Purchase

The Maids is a quality leader among the many cleaning companies in the industry. Serving over 90 major U.S. and Canadian cities, The Maids mark of success is referrals, trust, and reputation management.


As an early adapter of social media, The Maids International set their goal to increase brand awareness through engaging content driven by various digital organic and paid strategies.


Chatterkick leveraged Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to increase digital exposure to its international audience. Dynamic creative, tips, memes, and multimedia were used to drive engagement, actions and traffic by hyper-targeted audiences.

Their social presence outshined the competition on several levels. The Maids has established their brand as the fastest growing cleaning franchise on social and continues to mop up the competition regarding active audiences, engagement blog content, digital customer service and shares.

With advanced advertising strategies, Chatterkick has built campaigns that resonate with The Maids audience, no matter where they are on their customer journey.







Data Selection From December 2012 - December 2015


Social Media Products Used


  1. It's All About The Power Of Connection: On average, more than 3,000 people connect with the brand on social media every month.
  2. Bringing The Conversation To Life: The Maids believe in the power of messaging to make meaningful connections, buildng relationships with current customers, re-engaging occasional buyers, and introducing themselves to potential customers.
  3. An Impression To Brag About: Grabbing attention with eye-catching visuals and engaging content, The Maids gained recognition by building their brand awareness in communities maximizing national, international and local impressions on social media.
  4. A Leap Forward On Actions: The Maids connection extended beyond social media by inspiring people to take action. Audiences liked, shared, commented, clicked and built relationships with the brand.


Beth and her team at Chatterkick have a knack for stirring up conversation for the betterment of our brand through social media channels. Using current trends and best practices, Chatterkick has helped The Maids improve our social media strategy and engage prospects and customers in online dialogue. Additionally, Beth has provided ongoing training and support for our system over 150 franchise owners so they too can be knowledgable and feel comfortable in the social media space.
— Amy Benedict | Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience

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